High speed, low drag

At Blackstatic we strive to help our customers reach their goals through smart research, selection, and implementation of technology. Our services include technical project management and engineering including problem analysis and technical solution mapping.

Engineers are CISSP certified and can help you with your security needs. We can help you with your logical designs such as network security topologies that include firewall, VPN, access control lists. Or we can help secure your perimeter using cost effective physical access control solutions.

Zero to Sixty

Is your small company is growing, and you need to start protecting your network but aren’t ready for a full time security position? Our consultants will help you develop appropriate security policies, which lead into standards and technical controls that consist of software, hardware and physical asset protection appropriate to the needs of your business.

Security starts from within

Start with blocking and tackling and ensure your computers are patched, anti-malware is installed, and basic security user awareness training has occurred. We can help with these security fundamentals using reliable and cost effective tools and products.

Contact us today if we can help you with your security or technology infrastructure projects.

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